Faith and action

Lot was a man who knew God, most likely met the incarnate God at some point while hanging with Abraham. Lot also had faith in God. So much so he was counted as righteous. Yet, he had no discernable impact on anyone in the city. Before you start tweeting that Lot didn’t have the great commission like we do, heck, Lot didn’t even have the Law yet. It would be given a 500 years later to Moses. What he did have was a knowledge and relationship with the God of the universe. He would have had his role model, his words, his actions, his life that should have reflected the glory of God. You would think someone would ask him about it. Someone would wonder why he was different. Someone must have asked him why he wasn’t playing in the Sodom reindeer games. Well, I can imagine Lot’s answer was something like:

  • My faith is personal and you can worship whoever you want
  • I don’t talk religion or politics. I am a businessman, lets keep not worry about these other things.
  • What you do at your house is your own business and between you and your god.

Do those statements sound familiar? I hear them all the time from Christians and non-Christians alike. Lot’s inaction to make a difference in the life of the people of Sodom, his faith at rest, was actually the first time we see this behavior in the bible. Up to that point faith and action going hand in hand. Sometimes the results were not very good, but it was still an action taken on the faith the individual had.

  • Cain had faith but took the wrong action and killed his brother.
  • Noah had faith and took action to build a boat that saved the human race.
  • Daniel had faith and continued to pray to God even though he would get thrown to the lions.
  • Abraham had faith and took action to go to a land God would show him.

Faith and action were designed to go hand in hand. John tells us in 1 John that faith without works is dead. Faith at rest is dead. Lot was the first one where his faith was at rest and that released something into the earth. I call it the spirit of Lot. Not a sprit as in a demon, but spirit as in human behaviors, human conditions or afflictions that acts against our faith. It is something that keep us our faith at rest and sidelines believers. It weighs us down like gravity and slows us down like friction. It affect our will to not push ourselves into motion. There are four human conditions that make up the spirit of Lot. They are complacency, fear, unworthiness and isolation.

Tomorrow we will begin diving into each condition that surrounds the spirit of Lot. But for today, ask yourself…Am I sitting on the sidelines?  Do I need to take a step to see my faith get put into action? Share your thoughts!


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