Spirit of Lot issue 1: Complacency

The first spirit of Lot issue that I want to talk about it Complacency. In Proverbs 1:32  it says  the complacency of fools will destroy them.  What is complacency? Complacency is when you are satisfied with the current situation and are unaware of any danger or deficiency in your own life. Lot was complacent. He was satisfied with where he was. He was willing to let his daughters marry men of Sodom who were not considered righteous. He was lulled into believing the culture was ok, even though was tormented by it. 2 Peter 2:8 tells us Lot was “a righteous man, living among them (speaking on Sodom) day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard” So we know he didn’t like it, but he tolerated it. He accepted it, otherwise, why wouldn’t he choose to leave? Why wouldn’t he go to his uncle? Or someplace else. He justified it to himself and his family that it was ok because it didn’t affect him directly. What everyone else did was on their own conscious. So he sat by, inactive in his faith and watch the city sink further and further into sin.

Not only did Lot’s complacency affect Sodom, we can find complacency slip into believers five thousand years later. When one is complacent, they become inward focused and block out what is going on around them. Too many Christians and churches today have become complacent to the world around us. Too many are inward focused. When the church, the body of Christ is complacent, we see and hear the results on the news.  Just as Lot saw the decent into further wickedness of Sodom, we see the US spiraling down a dark path. The church is now under attack, believers are being persecuted and too many of us are sitting this out.

A few years ago, I was in a bible study and had become good friends with the group leader. We would get together, play golf and hang out. By all appearances, he was a Godly man who loved the Lord. His wife and my wife were also friends and we found out he was becoming distant from his wife. Instead of engaging my friend and speaking to him about what was wrong, I stayed silent. I figured I should focus on my own marriage and not worry about my friends. Besides, I didn’t want to upset him or create a riff in our relationship. Well, a few weeks later it turns out he was having an affair. A few months later he left his job for a new job in a different state and the lady he was having an affair with moved with him. Now, I don’t know if my intervention would have made any difference, but I do know that sitting on the sidelines definitely made no difference.

Maybe you have been complacent as well.  But we don’t have to stay here. We can ask forgiveness from God and ask Him to help us break out of our complacency. We can ask Him to show us who we need to engage with and share the love of Christ. Today, decide to take a step towards motion and action. Make a difference in one persons life.


One thought on “Spirit of Lot issue 1: Complacency

  1. Wise advice, and a reminder that we all need. Lot is the perfect example, too. You used the word “justified”. Perfect! That’s exactly what we do. Thanks for sharing.


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