Step Into Your Destiny

Have you ever felt that your destiny is just out of reach? Maybe you are not sure what your destiny exactly is, or maybe you feel like something is keeping you from reaching your fullest potential.  If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, if you have a personal relationship with the Father and have Holy Spirit living inside of you, then this is your time to shine. You were born for a time such as this. (Esther 4:14)

It is no longer good enough to let someone else do it. We can no longer expect others to join us at our church building. We can no longer sit passively by as the world spirals downward around us. Followers of Jesus have abdicated our role in businesses, education, and government. We hear the effects of our abdication on the news every day. Some of the symptoms are legalization of abortion, the move to destroying family values, children’s identities, and the rise of extreme evil in our world. Schools are teaching our kids their gender is irrelevant, other religions are good, and Christianity is intolerant. Where is the righteous anger? Where is the passion to ensure the next generation is being taught the fear of the Lord? This trend could be stopped if followers of Jesus were in government positions, school boards, and education to influence the direction.

Our businesses have lost their ethical standards. Driven by greed and Wall Street analysts, the pressure to perform has driven weak moral individuals to succumb to those pressures. The cost is no longer limited to a few but can be felt around the globe. How many people lost their life savings when Enron and WorldCom folded? How many millions were lost in the stock market when the financial crisis hit or when the housing market collapsed? All this could have been avoided if believers were in places of influence in these large multinational companies.

We see our families are falling apart. Husbands are embroiled in pornography. Kids are finding solace in sex and drugs. Mothers are bone weary from keeping the home running, as well as working outside the house. No wonder divorce seems to be the natural outcome of marriages. We now have a generation of kids who have only been raised by one parent or absent parents who have to work to make ends meet. There is time to create a different path for our families, communities, and nation—a path that is led by the transforming power of Jesus. It is time to rise up and change this tide. It is time to uproot the wickedness that is eroding the foundation of our families and nation. It is time to take a step into something better. It is time to save our Sodom and change history.


One thought on “Step Into Your Destiny

  1. Our purpose is to give Glory to the Father. And combining that with our own personal strengths – while avoiding sinful behavior that you mentioned – will help us to find our destiny. Great reference to Esther!


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