Selfie Generation vs. Selfless Generation

As believers we are to be the hands and feet for Jesus. In James 1:17–18, we are told that faith without works is dead. While we do not have a works based religion, our faith compels us to do good for others. Not only do good for others, but to serve them. Jesus tells us in Mark 10:43–44, “But it shall not be so among you. But whoever would be great among you must be your servant, and whoever would be first among you must be slave of all.” If we want to be great for the Kingdom, then we must serve other people’s interest. We have to look out for others. It is easy to look to the government to take care of us. While there is a role for government, but if we really want to make a difference, each one of us should step in and serve.

Right now we have a selfie generation. It would be interesting to see what percentage of pictures on the web are actually selfies. Jesus does not want a selfie generation; He wants a selfless generation. All of us need to be first in line to serve those in need.

I will admit that compassion is not in my gifting wheelhouse. However, I have learned how to tune into what Holy Spirit is asking me to do. I was with a work team in downtown Fort Worth. Since parking was limited, we were all dropping our car off with the valet. I had just dropped off my car and was on my way to join the group, who were mulling around waiting for the last to arrive. On a bench next to the group sat a man who looked homeless. Not to stereotype, but he was a bit disheveled, did not have a jacket even though it was cold and raining, and his clothes looked like they could use a good wash. As I walked by him, Holy Spirit prompted me to stop and talk to the man. In that moment I had the thought that he needed to be seen and acknowledged. He needed some dignity. He did not ask for any money. He was just sitting there. I walked up and asked him how he was doing. We got into a conversation and I found out he had been living on the streets and his sleeping bag and other items were just stolen. I was prompted to give some money to get a new sleeping bag. I don’t usually carry cash on my, but I happened to have some that night. I could see the appreciation in his eyes. I got a little nudge again and asked him if he had a coat or umbrella, since it had been raining. Of course, he did not. I had my favorite rain jacket on but felt like God was telling me to hand it over. So I did and no surprise, it fit him perfectly. After blessing him and giving him a hug he took off down the street.

I don’t share that story because I am any kind of saint. I share it because each one of us can have a positive impact on the least of these. Jesus tells us that whatever we do for the least of these, we do for Him. The key is to follow the prompting of Holy Spirit and to serve someone who is in need. Serving others is a core heavenly principle and is another way to fight the enemy. Satan uses unemployment as a way to keep the blessings of God from His people. Because work is valuable for each of us to do, anytime we don’t have work we are not living the life God designed for us. What the enemy would use to harm us, God can have good come from it. So helping those in need can be a way God chooses to turn the situation around. It also is a way to have a positive influence on others and show them the love of Christ.

Today, be on the lookout for someone in need. Ask Holy Spirit what you should do and then do it. You will be blessed!


2 thoughts on “Selfie Generation vs. Selfless Generation

  1. An interesting perspective. Do you think that people change as they grow older and acquire more mature thinking? For example when they have to take care of their aging parents after learning to care for their children?


    1. I do think people have a tendency to get more responsibility and have a more mature perspective. However, if someone is so self absorbed, it will take an outside influence to make a difference. Having worked with this next generation, I have seen them learning how to adapt and become more responsible. Once they become parents, I do think they will be more apt to help aging parents. Just as they are able to adapt to be successful in the workplace. Of course, that is a big generalization. We will see in 20-30 years how it really plays out.


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