Building a Legacy Through Service

When I lived in Japan, the homeless were considered a blight on society. There was an untouchable class in Japan, but the homeless were considered even below that. The homeless would go to the subway stations at night to stay warm. They were allowed to sleep there between 1:00 am and 5:00 am, when the trains were not running. Once the morning rush hour began, they were ushered out so the commuters did not have to experience them. Japan did not have the shelters that we have in the US. So his family would to the train station around 5:00 am and hand out bags with a sandwich, granola bar and a bottle of water to as many people as they could find. Usually around forty to fifty people. Most of the time they were asleep, so they would leave the bag next to them. I remember one time one man was awake. We handed the bag to him and he looked in it. His eyes lit up like a child on Christmas morning. He just said arigato (thank-you) over and over. We did not understand much Japanese, but we certainly knew the word for thank-you. It was not much, but for one day those individuals were not hungry. Small things can make a big difference.

Maybe going one on one is not your thing. Maybe it is just too far out of your comfort zone. If it is, there are many other ways to get involved in Kingdom work and have a positive influence on your city. Check with your church or Google the areas of your passion and look for ministry or nonprofit in your city. Remember, we each just need to influence eight people to change the world. Time is a precious commodity for the busy American. We already discussed this earlier in the book. Finding time to engage in the community and have a positive impact is so important. It is important for those you are helping, but it is also important for your own well-being. Not only ours, but for our children and grandchildren. If we role model service to our children, they will pick it up and role model it to their children and so on. When we impact generations, that is a legacy. We can step into our role as heirs to the Kingdom of God. With Jesus as our King, we are princes and princesses who are tasked to help the kingdom. We need to step into our destiny as the first born heirs off the Kingdom and start putting action to our faith. If we do that, if we step into the role God wants us to occupy, then we can save our city. We can save Sodom one person at a time, one street at a time.


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