Are Demons Real?

The suggestion for today’s blog was to write something that might be controversial, like the current Presidential race. Instead, I wanted to share a real event that occurred while I lived in Malaysia. For most Americans, the topic of demons will be uncomfortable, unbelievable or just plain crazy. The Bible says they are real and they do have an active part in going against the children of God. This is not just a story, but it is my direct experience with demons while I lived overseas.

I was in Singapore with three work friends. Let’s call them Joan, Manish, and Sam. Joan placed her hand over her eyes as if she were trying to shade the sun. I looked at her and asked if everything was all right. She responded by telling us there was a ghost on the roof trying to get her attention, and it was distracting her from our conversation. She looked at me with the expectation that I would tell her that she was crazy. Having lived in Southeast Asia, I had many strange encounters. Though this was my first time to encounter this particular situation. My response surprised my colleagues almost as much as the initial matter-of-fact announcement that there was a ghost on the roof. I knew Joan well enough to know at she would not make something like this up. As a Christian, I had been taught there were angels and demons, which is exactly what I shared with them.

The four of us sat at an outdoor cafe in Singapore. I was there for business and asked my colleagues if they wanted to go out after work. Joining me was Manish, Sam, and Joan. I had known all of them for a number of years and had built a strong friendship with them. They knew I was a Christian, as I was not shy about my faith. I came to understand that Joan was cursed with the ability to see into the spirit realm. That is to say, she was able to see things most cannot see. Every firstborn female in her family for multiple generations has this gift or curse, depending on how you looked at it. She had enthralling, entertaining, and sometimes scary stories about how the ghosts would talk with her in hotel rooms, restaurants, and on the street. Joan looked at this ability as a curse but had not idea of how to get rid of it. She believed there was a God, however, had not accepted Jesus as her Savior.

As I shared what I knew about angels and demons, I could tell that Joan was just not able to concentrate. With a little prompting from the Holy Spirit, I did something I had never done before. I gathered up all the courage I could and asked if the group minded if I prayed to tell the demon to leave Joan alone. Positive they were just humoring me, my friends agreed and I invited the Holy Spirit to join us. Before I knew what I was doing, I started commanding the demon to leave. I spoke out with complete faith that something would happen, though I had no idea what. I had heard stories of missionaries delivering people from demons but wondered if Christians had any authority to tell a demon to leave an area.

When I finished praying, Joan had a look of surprise and delight on her face. She exclaimed that the ghost was gone. Manish and Sam were amazed and terrified, being very superstitious. They began asking all kinds of questions. Before I could answer, Joan said there was one more demon across the ally and asked if could I get rid of it as well. Feeling good that God had just shown up and done a miracle, I gladly obliged. I commanded the demon across the ally to leave, which it did.

This was the first time in my life that I had a tangible experience of what it meant to be a follower of Jesus. The conversation turned to God, and I spent the next three hours sharing about my faith, my God, and about His immense love for them. I don’t even remember what all I said, but I know the Holy Spirit was speaking through me.

It was the beginning of a three-year conversation with Joan where she eventually accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. God knew what would happen that night, and I got to be part of His bigger plan. I had strapped on my shield of faith and went to battle with Jesus. It was a resounding victory and had the demons running scared. It all began with accepting the invitation into something greater than myself and stepping into Joan’s life to make an impact.

That night in Singapore is one I will always remember and cherish. Winning a spiritual battle was memorable. What was significant is God used a demon-possessed woman to show me the power He had given us as sons and daughters. This was a special gift.

I would love to get your thoughts and inputs. Have you had experiences that you can share? Let’s have a good discussion.


3 thoughts on “Are Demons Real?

  1. Interesting, I actually do think they might exist, but I also think if you don’t let them in or pay attention they can’t get in! I remember taking a photo once many many years ago with a strange figure in the photo once the film was processed….. I’ve always believed in God so I never worry


  2. Wow, what an amazing story. It is so wonderful that you were able to touch Joan in such a way that she was saved later on. I have a very strong faith in God, and I am always wanting to share with everyone, but don’t know that I have ever made such an impact as you! Thanks so much for sharing your story!


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