A Journey for Influence – First Step

Listen to the news, read the blogs or follow along on social media and you get a picture that the culture in America has changed. It has changed dramatically in the last ten years. Where it was once acceptable to be a Christian and follow the teachings of Jesus, there is now condemnation and ridicule. One of the major reasons is that followers of Christ have lost their place of influence in the media, government, educational institutions and business. Too many sit on the sidelines, willing to let someone else fight the good fight. Too many watch as the culture continues a downward spiral into darkness and are content to complain about the changes instead of doing something about it.

While it is easy to sit idly by and complain about the changes, many of us don’t even know where to begin. How do we put our faith into action? How do we make a positive influence on those around us? Many choose to serve at the church. While serving at the church is important, it is not where the gospel is needed most. If you were looking for where the sick people are, you would not go to a fitness gym. You would go to a hospital. So if you are looking to serve those who do not know Jesus or who do not have a personal relationship with Him, the church is not going to be the best place of influence. It is the easy place, and as I said, it is a very important place. However, to have the greatest impact and influence you will want to get out from behind the walls and engaged your community and workplace.

It sounds easy right? Not at all. Choosing to intentionally engage everybody for a positive influence for Jesus is one of the scariest steps a person can take. If it was easy, all Christians would be fully engaged. The sad reality is too many of us just do not have a clue where to begin. We hear our Pastors tell us we should “go make disciples of all nations,” and ask “what would Jesus do?” We are given role models like David, Paul and the twelve disciples.  These are such high standards, that too many of us feel completely inadequate measuring up or the task seems too big.

I have good news. God does not expect us to do these things from day one. He does not expect us to be like the heroes of the faith from our current position. All He asks is that we fear Him, love Him and put that faith into action. He desires us to serve the “widows and orphans” and “the least of these.” All it takes is a first step. We don’t learn to walk when we are first born. It takes time; it takes years. We should not expect ourselves to make disciples of any nation until we have learned how to walk and run. What we can do is decide to make a difference in one persons’ life. Then another and another. One at a time.

So today, choose to put your faith into motion. Choose to have a positive influence on one other person. Through last seven days of this blog challenge, I will share different ideas you can use to go out and make a difference in the world. While it does not need to look exactly like the ideas put forth each day, choose to do something. Each day will highlight a different action you can take. Let God guide you through this journey and ask Him to give you the courage, you will find you are making a huge impact on the community and world around you.

Get up from the couch, open the door and step out into a life of influence. Step into a life that has eternity in mind for those in a hurting and needy world. With Jesus at our sides, we can accomplish anything. Welcome to the journey!  Today’s activity is to begin with this prayer.

Heavenly Father, thank you for your faithfulness and for loving us so much that You sent Your only Son to die for our sins. We want to see our community changed to reflect Your glory. Help us as we begin this journey of saving our community. You desire your righteous to rise up and bring comfort to a hurting world. Let me be that person. Give me the courage I need to make a difference to those around me. Give me the strength and dedication to take meaningful action every day. Show me where You want me to engage and may my actions bring You glory. May my actions be a sweet fragrance in Your throne room. I go forward with You in front of me and with You as my rear guard. Protect me from the schemes of the enemy so I may have a positive influence to those in need. As I go out, Father please go before me and prepare the hearts of those I am to engage with. Open their ears and doors of their hearts  so they feel Your presence and love. Give me the right actions that will make the most impact on other’s lives. It is in Your power and authority  I pray these things. Amen


One thought on “A Journey for Influence – First Step

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I’m looking forward to what suggestions and insights you’ll be sharing in the next seven days on how to be a person of influence in honor of Jesus Christ! I agree that many don’t know exactly where to begin – especially if they are comparing themselves to some one or to some kind of standard.



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