Journey of Influence – Idea 1

I love watching people. Many people do. I have spent a lot of time in airports. There are times when I don’t feel like working or reading. So I settle in and watch the travelers of the day. I don’t just watch the people go by, I actually make up back stories for them. I look at what they are wearing, notice if they are carrying anything and if they are in a hurry or leisurely walking down the terminal. It drives my wife crazy that I can come up with the most ridiculous stories about people that have no basis of fact or reality. However, it is fun and helps pass the time.

I also love going over to other people’s houses. When you walk into someone’s house or apartment, you get to see their backstory displayed throughout. I don’t have to make something up, rather, I am able to glean what they love, what their passions are, where their heart is. Look at the bookshelf and see what kind of stories they read. Look at the music they listen to by their CD or record collections, as well as the movies they watch. Though it was easier to see when you actually had to have a physical disk or a tape. Books, music and movies show what the person likes to put into their mind. It helps you understand how they think.

You can also look around at the walls. What do they hang in the empty spaces? Pictures of friends, family, vacation pictures or some other form of artwork shows their passions. Some people like to put words or other types of decorations on the wall. Take it all in and you will get a glimpse of the person. Finally, look at what they display on their shelves. Maybe it is flowers, or reminders of past travels. Maybe it is some form of sculpture or other type of collection. Each item peels back the layers of what the person values. Where their heart treasures are.

A simple walk through of a house will allow you to know what the person values. It shows their passions, hurts, loves and desires. It is a great way to get to know someone. What does your house or apartment say about you? During football season is it completely decked out in paraphernalia? Is Christmas all about Santa Clause? Is Easter about the bunny and the eggs? If someone looked at your books, your music, your memento’s, what would they say about you? Would anyone know you love Jesus by just walking through the door? If you want to influence others, they need to see where your treasures are. Today, start in your home and make sure it shouts to others what you love. If others can see your love for Jesus when they walk into your home, you have already started the journey of influence in that person’s life.

Action for the day

  1. Go through your home and ask yourself, what does it say about you? Make a list of what you think it says.
  2. Ask yourself the difficult question. Is there anything that would tell someone else that you love Jesus?
  3. If your home does not reflect your passion for Jesus, make a commitment to do something about it. Decide today to make sure your Lord and King is what people see.


Prayer for the day

Father, show me where my heart is. Show me what I put my trust in. I long to reveal You to a hurting world. As I walk through my home, Jesus, point out the things that might be a hindrance to You. Show me anything that might be a stumbling block for a closer relationship with you. Reveal the things that might prevent someone else from seeing Your glory. Thank you that You love me and want the best for me. In your powerful name, the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.


3 thoughts on “Journey of Influence – Idea 1

  1. Very interesting post. I don’t think anything in our home represents Jesus. But it does beg a question I ask myself, that While I live here, it somehow does not feel like home to me or represent who I am at all! I only moved a year ago with Fiance, about time to make things my own


  2. This is so cool. Since I design and fabricate window treatments, they first thing I notice when going in a home, business or restaurant are the window treatments. If you come in my house, it will scream, “get me organized!” LOL When my granddaughter’s surgery is over and we’re back home, I plan to purge and minimize in my home.


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