Journey of Influence – Idea 2

Sandi’s boss gave her a $100 Visa Card for Christmas.   She began to think of the things that “I” wanted.  Then while driving past a McDonald’s she felt an urge to go in an purchase 20 – $5 gift cards.  She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with them, but she knew that’s what she was supposed to do.  She stuck them in her purse and each time she went out she asked Jesus, “show me what to do with these.”   Since it was during the holidays, Sandi ran into people who were busy and frantic. While we all desire Christmas time to be full of joy, too many people feel hurried and short on time. The result is some people can be short tempered and not as nice as they would be the rest of the year. Unfortunately, the workers in retail and restaurants tend to bear the brunt of peoples’ weariness. Sandi would make sure she handed the $5 gift card to the cashier, and say, “Here you go, a hamburger and Coke on me.”  About 80% of the time the cashier would smile and say, “wow, thank you”.  But one time she gave one to a cashier at a large hobby retailer.  When Sandi gave her the card the cashier just stood there with a baffled look. The cahier asked, “why are you giving me this?”  Sandi told her it was a small gift.  The cashier asked again, “but why are you giving this to me?”  Sandi said, “the Lord placed it on my heart to share this with you for your kindness that you show others at this time of year.”  The cashier asked a third time, “but why me?”  Sandi knew at that point it was to tell her, “it’s because Jesus loves you more than you know, and as you enjoy your hamburger and Coke, I hope that you will think of Him.”  The cashier tucked the card in her pocket, and almost started crying.  She looked at Sandi and said, “this means more than you know – thank you!”

From that day on Sandi tries to remember to keep gift cards in her purse.  A $5 gift card isn’t much to give someone, but she is finding more and more people are affected by just the thought.

Action for the day

Decide what small item you want to keep with you where you can remind others that Jesus loves them. Depending on where you live, in the city or country, you may want to think about items that will bless your community. While there are three ideas below, use your imagination to bless someone else.

  • Buy a few small dollar gift card to share with those who are serving people.
  • Make up a bag (or two) with water, granola bar, tissue pack, can of tuna and a bible verse and keep it in your car. When you pass a beggar on the side of the road or someone who is homeless, give it to them.
  • Write cards of encouragement and hand them out to people who look like they could use a positive word for the day.


Prayer for the day

Jesus, I want to thank you for the gift you gave with the shedding of your blood. I am in awe how much you love me. May I love people the way you love me. As I go about my day, please show me who needs a reminder of Your love. Give me the opportunity to share a little bit of You today. Amen.


3 thoughts on “Journey of Influence – Idea 2

  1. What a wonderful idea! I actually had a few coupons for free burgers the other day. One was for McD’s and I handed it to a lady walking in and she back up saying she didn’t want it. Then I had a similar coupon for Zacby’s. A couple was in line, I showed them the coupon and asked if they would like it. First she said no, they she looked at it and I said, it’s free, no strings attached. She thanked me as I handed it to her and you would have thought it was much more than just a free food coupon. If more people were like this, just think how the world would be.


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