Journey of Influence – Idea 3

Most of us need reminders to do something. If it is not on our calendar, the chances we will forget goes up exponentially in proportion to how busy we are. While busyness is an epidemic and a key factor for Christians saying they don’t have time to pray, there is another option.

Out pastor had a real burden for the next generation. At the end of a series of messages he asked the congregation to join him in praying for the next generation for the next 30 days. He asked everyone to get out their cell phones and smart phones and set a recurring alarm at 4:12pm. When the alarm went off, everyone should stop what they are doing and pray.

My wife and I loved the idea and set the alarm right there in the service. Each day it would go off and we would stop where we were and say a prayer. It was right in the middle of the work day, so I had it going off during meetings and other inconvenient times. That did not daunt my resolve to stop and pray each day for the next generation. I knew, I was always going to spend a few minutes with God, even when the rest of the day was hectic. We enjoyed this practices and went well beyond the 30 days our pastor has asked us to join him in prayer.

One day, a few months later, my wife and I were refinancing our home. We were at the closing signing all of the documents when both of our alarms went off. We promptly silenced them and proceeded to finish up our task. The lawyer who was helping us asked us if we needed to get it, believing it was our phone. We told him it was just an alarm and it was fine. Since he had heard both of our phones go off, he was curious and asked “an alarm for what.” We proceeded to tell him it is a reminder for us to pray for the next generation. He asked us if we wanted to stop right then and pray. We jumped at the opportunity and proceeded to pray out loud.

That was not the last time I had an opportunity to share what the alarm was about. Eventually those at work began to ask once they repeatedly heard the alarm go off at the same time. What was meant to remind me to pray for a specific item opened up doors to share the gospel with others. I was surprised how many doors it opened for a conversation about God and His goodness.

Action for the day

Today decide to pray for something. It could be a friend, a child, your child’s class or school, your city, state or the country.

  • Get out your cell phone or smart phone
  • Set an alarm to go off at 3:17pm every day
  • Commit to pray at that time ever day for a month
  • Share how God shows up during the month on that specific topic.

Prayer for the day

Heavenly Father, you never forget us. We are always in your thoughts and long to spend time with us. I thank you for that kind of love. Holy Spirit I ask you to let me know what I should pray for over the next thirty days. I commit to spend a few minutes with you and ask you will use this to open up doors of conversations with those around me. It is for your glory and honor that I pray. Amen


6 thoughts on “Journey of Influence – Idea 3

    1. Thanks. I wish it had some deeper meaning. 2 Cor 3:17 is a great verse though. But no, it is just right in the middle of the afternoon so it provides an opportune time for others to hear your alarm go off.


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