Invitation to Serve

When God created the earth, he populated it with animals and gave them a command to be fruitful and increase in numbers. He then created man and woman and gave them the same command. This is the first command that God gives His living creation. “Be fruitful and increase in numbers.” When there were only two humans on the planet, it was a great command. Well, six thousand years later we now have almost eight billion people on the planet. So while it is still a command that we should continue to have children, we are also called to multiply the sons and daughters of God.

Jesus tells us that He came to make us sons and daughters. He will not leave us as orphans. He wants all to come to know the Father and to multiply the family of God. Each of us has an ability to share the Father’s love for a hurting world. Our faith in action can have a multiplication effect on the world. If you go through this devotional and each day touch someone else with the love of Christ, the you will have left an imprint on thirty-one people. If ten people live their faith for thirty-one days, then 310 people’s lives are touched. One thousand people means thirty-one thousand people are impacted and so on.

Not every positive interaction will bring about a radical change to follow Jesus, but some will plant a seed, some will water it and some will get the honor of harvesting. However, it is God that makes things grow. We just need to be the laborers. The more of us who can get out and be the hands and feet of Jesus, the more lives are positively impacted. Imagine if one thousand believers lived intentionally to have a positive impact on one person each day. Not just one month, but for the whole year. That would be well over 350,000 people who are seen by Christ.

Imagine the change that would start happening in our communities! People would see love being demonstrated by action, not just words. Love would overcome hate or anger. Peace would overcome fear. Compassion would overcome distain or mistrust. Hope would overcome despair. In other words, communities would be transformed. Isn’t it time Christians decided to be fruitful and multiply the children of God?  Imagine the possibilities.


Action for the day

Today, make a point to invite someone else into the good works you are engaged. Invite someone else to get out and share the love of Christ. Consider the multiplication effect when you work together and hold each other accountable. Besides, it is more fun to do ministry with others. Pray to God who you can partner with and commit to invite them into the work you are doing.


Prayer for the day

Jesus, thank you that you did not leave me as an orphan, but I am now a child of God. You send your disciples out two at a time, so I ask today that you will reveal who I should invite into saving Sodom. I long to transform my community. Let me see, interact and impact those you put in my path. Thank you Jesus. Help me to be fruitful and multiply Your love and your children. In your name I pray. Amen.


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