Tune in to those around you

Jeremy was a new college student learning to live on his own and become his own man. Being part of the selfie generation, the stereotype would be that he would be too self-absorbed to notice or understand what was going on around him. Being a follower of Christ, allows Jeremy to break all of the stereotypes and to be more in tune with those around him.

Jeremy has made a number of friends during his time in college. One of those friends is Sara. For college students, mid-terms and finals tend to be the busiest and craziest times of the semester. In this case, mid-terms were coming up which naturally introduces a higher level of stress into the college students’ life.  As Jeremy was hanging out with his friends, he noticed a change in Sara’s demeanor. Her thoughts were more scattered and she was not her normal bubbly self. The first time this happened, it just felt like a tough day. However, Jeremy was able to tune into his friend and realized something was up. So he made a point to ask her and she admitted she was stressing out over her upcoming exams. Jeremy made sure to pray for her right there.

A few days later Jeremy called Sara up, knowing she was going to be studying all day, and asked her what her favorite coffee drink was. He then proceeded to walk to the other side of campus to get Sara her favorite drink and hand deliver it to her. She was so thankful for Jeremy’s thoughtfulness and being aware enough to engage in her life when she needed a friend. Jeremy could have easily missed the signs if he was not in tune with those around him. Instead, he broke the mold and showed what a selfless generation looks like. A generation who put their faith into actions will show the world the love of Christ.

Action for the day

Today, ask Jesus to allow you to tune into those around you. Be aware of others moods, behaviors, actions and words that may be different then their normal self. Listen and observe those you know for any sign that something is different about them. Then do something that will bless them and show them Jesus is thinking about them.

Prayer for the day

Father God, sometimes it is hard to pay attention to those around me and be aware of their moods. Sometimes my own life and challenges prevent me from noticing the little things of those closest to me. Today Lord, open my eyes to see those around me. Allow me to tune into their feelings and moods. Let me see with Your eyes and feel with Your heart. Prompt me to engage and listen to them. Let me show my friends and family how much You love them by sending me to encourage them.  I ask this in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.


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