Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you.

Peter makes this statement in Acts 3:6 when he heals a crippled beggar. He had no money to give the beggar, but he did have the healing touch of Holy Spirit. It has been a real comfort to me during this Christmas season. After nine months of unemployment, I found myself in a similar situation. I had no extra money to buy family or friends gifts, but I could give the gift of encouragement.

In many ways, not having money, has been freeing. While I came across many who were hurrying around trying to find that perfect gift for the hard to buy relative, I had no impulse to engage in the same activity. It was challenging to have an answer to the standard question, “are you ready for Christmas?” How do you answer that without going into the history of the past nine months?

What I found is by ignoring the presents, I was able to focus on the gift that God gave me…Jesus. Not only on Christmas day, but what He gave me throughout the year. Only God can orchestrate the year I had. It has been different then I ever imagined, but I would not want to change anything. What I could not do on my own with a full time job, God did when I was unemployed.

* I had the honor of meeting over 70 new people across Dallas

* God opened the door to publish two books (due early 2017)

* He moved us to a new house where 17 other offers were competing with us. We were not even the highest bidder!

* He put me in a men’s group that was a huge support for me during this time.

* He has 15+ folks following this blog, which I am very thankful for!!

These are the tip of the iceberg of God’s goodness to me and my family this year. I am so excited to see what His plans are for me in 2017. I plan to share them through this blog.

As I finish this year out, I want to share an encouraging word because that is what I can give to each of you reading this blog.

Through the easy and tough times, through he times of abundance and times of lack, through the times of joy and the times of sorry, our Lord and Savior is always with you. He longs to have you spend time with Him. Talk to Him. Sing to Him. Dance with Him. Shout for joy or scream in pain with Him. Jesus is there, ALWAYS! He loves you…really loves you. Feel it, believe it, hear it. He wants your heart, He wants your life. When you give it fully over to Him you will see the world and life differently. When He is made Lord over everything you will see miracles in your life. Believe and you will see Heaven invade earth. May Jesus pour out His love and blessing on your life now and into 2017. May the sick be healed, may the captives be set free and may each of you experience His presence and love in a new way.

I pray a blessing to everyone reading this. May Jesus capture your heart every day of 2017 and may He bless everything you do!


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