Recruiting like Jesus

The recruiting is a $150 billion dollar industry in the US and over $400 billion globally. Most companies realize there is a shortage of labor across the spectrum of jobs. While many companies have in house recruiters, many use external agencies to find the right candidates.

I have recruited and hired people as a manager and for other people. It is an interesting process to find candidates which fit the job description and will fit into the corporate culture. It can be fun and frustrating at the same time. I love meeting new people and hearing their stories. However, not every interview goes well. I had one person come in and take a phone call in the middle of the interview. I have had people check their social media while interviewing.

Other challenges is wading through the volume of resumes that do not have any match to the job description. With over 90 million Americans out of work, you can imagine many people are grasping at any open job. I was recruiting for a administrator for a start up. It was a short term assignment that could go full time. The pay was good, but right in line with the market. I had over 200 applicants for this role. Having to look at every single one was difficult. A recruiter just can not spend more than a few seconds on each application or resume. So some highly qualified people will get missed because of the other noise the recruiter has to go through.

While there are all kinds of tools, websites, data bases and networks we can leverage when looking for the right person, I wonder if we are missing out on a core heavenly principle that could simplify the whole process. Jesus had decided He had twelve slots to fill on his executive team. What does he do? Create a job description, find a personality test to ensure the best fit with his leadership style and set up a panel to interview to make sure each person would have the right skills and capabilities? Can you imagine if Jesus had done that? What did Paul do when he was looking for others to join him in his ministry? Did he post an ad at the temple?

In both cases, they used  heavenly eyes to see the person. They didn’t need to interview them, because God gave them the ability to see the potential in the person’s life. They saw what they were created to do and be. They then called that potential forth. With Jesus, He simply said to Simon, Andrew, John and James to “come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” No pre-screen questions, no asking their weaknesses, no multiple interviews over multiple months. Simple and straight forward. Jesus called forth the plan for their lives to change the world. Paul did the same with Timmothy. In Act 16: we find Paul wanting to take him along on his journeys. He saw through spiritual eyes. He then called forth Timmothy’s destiny to be a significant part of the early church.

Here is a suggestion to anyone who has to hire a person for a job. Pray over each resume. Let Holy Spirit lead you and ask to see each person with heavenly eyes. In this day and age, there is a need to post a job description to get interested candidates. However, begin by praying over the job posting and asking God to bring the right people for the job. Then make sure to pray over each candidate. Then try this. Make a note of who God tells you is the right person. Go ahead and bring three to five candidates in to do the interviews. I am going to guess through it all, if we are hearing properly, God will let us know who he best person for the job is. They may not even be seen as the most qualified, but will be the person who is best for the role.

Go ahead and give it a try and then let us know how it works out. I would love your thoughts.


One thought on “Recruiting like Jesus

  1. I think that’s awesome Jeff. I don’t do a lot of recruiting or hiring right now, but I certainly did a lot in the past. This is very good advice. Amen.


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