Journey Through Unemployment – The House

About two weeks before I was separated from my company, God impressed on my wife and I to put our house up for sale and downsize. While I was expecting my job to go away at sometime, I figured it would be prudent to downsize. Besides, my son was heading off to college and we would not need as large of a house. We began to prepare the house for sale, contacted a realtor and planned to list the house in three weeks.

Two weeks later, I get the news of losing my job. God knew! The house ended up listing a week later. During the process to prepare the house, my wife was asking God for a fleece to make sure we heard everything correctly. She was given a specific date about the time we were going to  officially put the house on the market. After I was separated from my job, I stared asking God where He wanted me to look for a new job. Having lived all over the world, I had great connections. I did not, however, have a network in the city I live in. So I expected God to sell our house and move us to a new city.

God had other plans. When I was asking God where He wanted me to look, I was given a picture of a horse and heard mustang in my spirit. The only mustang I knew was a local college mascot. When I told my wife, she reminded me the high school was also the mustangs. Two days later a house came up in the same city with the mustang mascot. It was a great house and great location. It was certainly smaller, by about 60%. We had not thought to downsize quite so much. However, we felt it was where God wanted us. So we put in an offer on a Thursday after walking through the house. We found out there were 17 offers on the house by Friday. We also found out we were not the highest offer.

Our agent asked us if we wanted to increase our offer. You see, in this housing market, houses in this price range will sell above asking price and usually in the first weekend. Needless to say, it is an incredibly hot housing market and a sellers dream. We told our agent we were not to go any higher and we will let God fight the battle for us. We had heard horror stories of people loosing three or four houses because of higher offers. We had to trust God in this process. We were trying out best to be obedient to Him and throwing money at a problem is rarely how God works.

The date God had given my wife ended up being that Saturday. We thought maybe it would be the day our current house sold. The owners of the house we had just put an offer on were planning to make a decision by that Sunday. On Saturday night we get a call from our realtor, who was crying. My wife answered the phone and jumped into consolation mode. She let our agent know it was ok and that God would bring us another house, a house that was even better. After a deep breath our realtor told us she was crying because we had been selected. The house was ours!

We had been selected among 17 offers and not even the highest offer. God had orchestrated everything and gave us favor with he sellers. He was so kind to us to get us into a great new house. Now, we just needed to sell our current house. The next day we received an offer, which fell through pretty quickly. Two months later we finally received an offer that was slightly under the price we had paid for the house. During those two months we proceeded to sell and give away over half of our things. We learned that our stuff did not matter. Stuff is not our inheritance. Jesus is our inheritance and it felt good to shed the excess stuff.

When it was all said and done, we only ended up having two houses for about a week and a half. Good made sure everything lined up perfectly. Of course those two months were crazy. We had 51 showing on our current house and it was a blessing I was not working. I could help with the pets and keep the house clean. God knew what was going to be needed. I also had time to prepare the house for the move. Of course, I was interviewing with some great companies during this time. So my days were full.

I look back during those first couple of months fondly. Yes, moving stinks. But God was clearly evident in our lives and I just knew a job was around the corner. Still I wait on the Lord to do His work and open the right door. I am excited about the testimony He gave us as He moved us into a new phase in life.

Does anyone else have a great house story you care to share?


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