Loss of a Friend

Scooby was almost a year old when we got him from the pound in Malaysia. He was an adorable, fluffy puppy that just loved being with us. He was so social, he even went around the neighborhood and made friends with the other dogs. He would bring them back to our house for play dates. While is behavior was not always the best, he was always loving. He travelled with us to Japan and was never quite the same after the earthquake.

While Scooby’s personality changed a little, mostly towards other people and dogs, he still just wanted to be with us. He moved to Oregon, then to Atlanta where he loved talking to the opossum and deer that lived on the other side of the fence. He moved with us to Moscow, Russia. He loved the snow. He loved going on walks, especially when the snow was up to his neck. You just knew he loved the cold. He moved back to Atlanta and then Dallas. The last two years saw him slow down.

Over the last ten months, while I have been out of work, Scooby would be my constant companion as I looked for a job and wrote. He was there when I lost my job. He was there when my son went off the college and left a hole in the house. He was there when my publisher went out of business. He was there to wag his tail when I walked in a room. He was willing to just sit there and be a comfort. He was there to bring a smile to my face.

This last year has been a tough one. I always knew when I went to my office to work, he would follow and lay at my feet. Just wanting to be with me. I am so thankful that I have a personal relationship with Jesus. He just wants to be with us. Through the tough times. He wants to sit with us and comfort us. Jesus wants to bring a smile to our face. He wants to satisfy our souls. He wants to heal us from our wounds. I take comfort in knowing my Savior is sitting right here with me. Jesus tells us He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). He already died for our sins and will be there to comfort us when we grieve.

I am going to miss Scooby. I know it was his time to rest. Thank you for twelve years of friendship and companionship.


14 thoughts on “Loss of a Friend

  1. Hi Jeff,

    Our whole family is sending you our love as you both celebrate and mourn the loss of Scooby! What a treasure to have such a faithful and attentive friend in him. Take good care, heather


  2. ” You came into our life one day so beautiful and smart, out dear and sweet companion we loved you from the start”

    “Beloved Scooby our time was so very precious. We knew from the start, the journey we took would leave paw prints on my heart”

    “You were my favorite Hello and my hardest Goidbye”

    Run free now Scooby – Go play with the Angels – you will always be in our hearts – I love you 🐾


  3. I am so sorry that you lost Scooby. I just lost my beloved pet parrot a week ago. I can really relate to how important of a support they can be in your life. I was home for a long time on disability and my pet was one of my greatest emotional supports other than my husband, whom I only see early in the morning, in the late evening and on weekends. I was looking for posts like yours because I plan to write my second post here (I’m quite new here) about the significance of pets as a part of an emotional support system. My article will put an emphasis on pets as emotional support for the mentally ill, but I know how very important they are for people without mental illness, who deal with great stress at work and in life. Pets are just so very important.


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