Smartphones and Being Saved

Cell phones, or more precise smart phones, have become an internal part of our world. Wherever you go, people will have them in their hands, next to their ear or outlining their back pocket. Too many drivers have them in their hands texting or against their ear talking. Smart phones have become an extension of each person. You can look at anyone’s smartphone and they will all be different. The hardware may be the same, but the case will be different and what apps a person have will be unique to them.

People are very similar to smart phones in that way. Our hardware is all the same. We all have organs and blood and muscles. Our external appearance will be different, just like the covers people protect their phone with. The other thing that is unique to each person is our personality, behavior, skills, competencies, knowledge, and experience. Individual phones will have unique attributes as well. The ring tone, the wallpaper and screen saver pictures will all be different. The apps will also be different based on the persons interests. Phones can get filled with apps that are not used and take up valuable space. Others can have negative impacts like drain the battery. Others can be used to search positive things or negative things. So people are not all that much different than our smart phones.

Awhile ago, I had to get a new phone. My battery had gone bad and I no longer had enough space to hold all of my music and pictures. I went to the store and found the phone I wanted and the person asked me if I had backed up all of my information. That way I could make the new phone look and feel like my old phone. I started thinking about the question, “did you back up all of your information?” The sales person was really asking if I wanted to keep everything I had accumulated on my phone. All of my pictures, music, apps. In other words, did I want to keep all of the good things along with the bad things.

When you buy the new phone, everything is new on the phone. It has only the important software and apps necessary to do the basic functions: make phone calls, surf the internet, play movies or take pictures. No other clutter. Nothing else. It is clean and fresh. It is a new creation in many ways. As soon as we plug our phone in and start to restore our backed up information, we start to contaminate the phone with anything that might be harmful to the phone.

This go me thinking, when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we become a new creation. We are no longer sinners, but become sons and daughters of the living God. We become a royal priest and part of a holy nation. The grace of Jesus cloaks us in righteousness. We get clothed in the power of Holy Spirit and are transformed into something new. It is similar to that brand new cell phone that doesn’t have any of the old apps, pictures or music on it. It is clean, fresh, and new. It has been capabilities and is ready to add new things. We are the same way, as long as we don’t try to restore the bad things in our life, we can walk in the assurance we were sinners saved by grace. We never have to think of ourselves as sinners again. We are saints and friends of Jesus.

It may be tempting to restore the backup files because it is familiar and comforting. However, we get to leave the old life behind and live a life free of bondage, shame and condemnation. We get to live a life full of love, truth and peace. Knowing Jesus has cleaned us through His ultimate sacrifice, we get to celebrate that gift every day. So next time you have to replace your cell phone, remember how much Jesus has done for you and upgraded you. Think about what you are putting on that new phone and maybe, just maybe you want to start fresh and clean. Just as you did when you came to have a personal relationship with Jesus.


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