Mobile Church

Growing up I always thought that I needed to go to church to find God. That’s where He is right? If I wanted prayer, I go to church. If I wanted healing, I go to church or a hospital. If I wanted salvation, you go to church. All of those statements are correct, however, they are not sufficient to live out the great commandment to “go and make disciples of all nations.” Church is a safe place to be with those who know Jesus and believe in His life giving message. Too many of us equate the building with the broader understanding of “the church.” Every believer in Christ Jesus is the church since Holy Spirit lives inside us.

I find it interesting that when I read the creation story in Genesis 1 and 2, God creates the heavens, the earth, the animals and finally man. Then in Genesis 2:8 we are told, “now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there He put the man He had formed.” There were trees and rivers and flowers. There is no mention of a building. God had not wanted Adam and Eve to be restricted to a building. Fast forward to the time Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt. He had them live in tents. In fact, God Himself dwelt in the tabernacle, which was a tent. A tent is a mobile building which is easily built and easily taken down. Then God had Solomon build a temple for God’s present to reside. However, it was a place to go into and then go out from. Finally, Jesus gives His life for our sins and transforms our bodies into the temple of God.

Just like the tabernacle in Moses’ time, our bodies are meant to be the mobile temple of Holy Spirit. We are not meant to restrict ourselves to a building. Church on Sunday should be a time where we can get instruction, a time to worship God as a whole body and to be encouraged. We are then to go out and be the hands and feet of Jesus. He wanted us in a garden, to be outside, interacting with His creation. He wants us going to where people are sick and hurting. We are to get out and bring the gospel or good news to a world in pain.

I encourage everyone to make a commitment to get out of the building and find a place to serve. The church building is important and good, but get out into the community. The good news is that search engines enable us to find places that serve areas of our passions. If you don’t know where to start, try some of these searches:

  • Place to serve <insert the name of your city>
  • Volunteer opportunities <insert name of your city>
  • Soup kitchens near me
  • Serve food to the homeless
  • Anti-trafficking organizations <insert name of your city>
  • Non-profit organizations <insert name of your city>

Once you have searched and decided on a place to serve, take the action to get involved. Share what action you are taking. I would love to hear what everyone is doing to have a positive influence on the world around you.


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