Wait Your Turn

Every city has a different way of driving. Just because you know how to drive in one city, does not mean you know how to drive in another. This is most true in large cities. Atlanta driving is different from Dallas driving. Which are both different than L.A. driving or Boston driving. There is, however, one trait that seems to be consistent no matter where you go. (The only exception might be Japan, but we won’t go into that right now.) The trait is an impatience with the other driver.

Whoever gets behind the wheel feels like they should be first. When I was younger, I had a uncontrollable urge to be passing other cars. While I never considered it a selfish notion, I do realize I probably did cut many drivers off. Today, the notion of selfies has permeated every generation when it comes to driving. All drivers are consumed with what is best for them and too many forget they are on the road with thousands of other drivers. Watch how many people cut each other off during the commute to or from work. How many horns get blasted? Watch the animation from the drivers around you. Even the most considerate people like to drive in the fast lane and go below the speed limit. This type of selfish action tends to bring the worst out of people.

In 1994, an Australian singer debuted her first album, God, in the US. It went gold and made Rebecca St. James an overnight star in Christian music. Her first album had a song called You then Me. Just a few of the lyrics are:

It’s my turn, it’s not your turn

It’s my turn, get outta my way

It’s my turn, go on complain

I’m comin’ through anyway

 Don’t ask me why I’m like this

But lately I’m wonderin’ if it’ll come to pass

That the last shall be first and the first shall be last

Then the voice says.

 Here’s the way it oughtta be

You then me then you then me

Well, I pray one day we’ll all agree

And take it you then me then you then me

Life could go you then me then you then me

 It’s easy, you wait then go

It’s easy, so make your move

It’s easy, don’t clown around

Could’ve gone six times by now

But no sir, you gotta be a pain

Or is this your own way of sayin’

We should all cool down

And be more like the man who was born back in Bethlehem town?

What would happen if we actually adopted an attitude that we don’t have to be first? That we don’t have to cut people off. That we really don’t need to be mad at the stupid move another person does behind the wheel. What if we showed them a little bit of Jesus? What would happen if we stopped being selfish during our commutes? What if we began being selfless and showed the love of Christ to our fellow commuters? I bet that kind of kindness would be repaid multiple times throughout the day. Go ahead, try it and see what happens.


Kindness is needed

The weather had turned cold and the rain clouds were threatening to release their contents on the earth. Mollie was just about to sit down for lunch and eat leftovers from dinner the night before. The doorbell rang. In today’s world, we know there are only a few reasons the doorbell will ring. Primary among those reasons is if you are expecting a package. However, Mollie was not expecting to receive anything. So the next thought goes to a solicitor. While we do not have many door to door salesmen these days, we do get them from time to time. No longer are people trying to sell a vacuum cleaner or some other household gadget. Most of the time it tends to be individuals trying to sell magazines, cookies or raise funds for the local school.

Mollie was not really in the mood to hear a pitch, but she got up from the table and answered the door anyway. Standing in the doorway were two women who had a look of surprise on their face. Mollie was the first person who had opened the door that day. They proceeded to give their pitch for her to buy magazines. Mollie was not in the market for magazines, but felt the prompting of the Spirit to do something completely different. She asked them if they would like to come in out of the cold and damp weather. When they agreed, Mollie then asked if they had eaten. When they told her they had not, Mollie invited them to lunch. The two ladies did not seem to mind sharing the leftovers, as they were hungry.

Mollie got to know a bit of the histories of these two ladies and found out why they were selling magazines door to door. Prompted by the Spirit, Mollie noticed they were not wearing a heavy enough jacket to keep the cold and wet out. So she asked if they would be interested in a warmer jacket. Mollie opened up her closet and clothed both ladies. She then told them she did not need any magazines, but she wanted to give them money directly. Mollie prayed for the ladies and they made their way out with tears in their eyes. They were shown kindness that day. On a cold, damp day, when no one else was willing to open their doors for these two ladies, they experienced the love and kindness of Christ.

Whether you are a follower of Christ or not, the hate, anger, vitriol must stop. We have to come together and find a new path forward. Each of us can make a difference if we want to. We have to learn to accept the consequences and choose to do things differently next time. Today is the day to begin that new path, with Jesus’s help.

Action for the day

It does not cost you anything to be kind to someone. Today, pray for an opportunity to show the kindness of Christ to someone. Maybe it is giving your coat away, maybe it is encouraging a mother of a screaming child, maybe it is allowing someone to cut in line who is clearly in a hurry. Whatever it is, you can make a difference by showing the love of Christ and being kind today.


Prayer for the day

Dear Father, You love us so much. In fact, You were kind enough to send Your Son to die for our sins. Help me to show that depth of love and kindness today. Show me who You want to be kind do. Prompt me to say something nice, give something away, do something unexpected to bring You glory and joy to another person. It is in the name of Jesus I pray. Amen.