Planting Seeds

One of my earliest memories of my grandfather is that he loved to garden. I would get to spend summers with my grandparents and every night I had the opportunity to pick the vegetable I wanted for dinner. It was at his house where I learned to love green beans, squash, zucchini and lima beans. It was always something I would look forward to. In fact, I would not eat green beans at any other time during the year. They had to be from B-daddy’s garden.

While I loved my grandfather’s garden, his passion for growing fruits and vegetables did not pass down. I don’t know the first thing about making a plant grow. I have never been able to get a seed to produce anything. I am good at harvesting, but I am not a seed planter or a good waterer. I don’t know how much is too much or too little. When we bought a new house, the previous owners were exceptional gardeners. They had built four garden beds in the back yard. At the time of the offer, the garden beds were just dirt. By the time we moved in two months later, all four beds were full of vegetables. Even though they knew they would not get to harvest, they decided to plant and water the garden until they left. We got to enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor. We did not deserve such a luscious garden, full of tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries, peppers, cantaloupe, onions and watermelon. However, we sure enjoyed every delicious mouthful over the summer.

I may not be any good at planting seeds when it comes to growing fruit or vegetables, but I am able to plant seeds when it comes to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am able to water the seed someone else planted. I have even been given the opportunity to harvest and see people accept Jesus as their Lord and savior. Each one of us can plant the seed, water it and harvest it. The key is to remember it is only God who can make it grow.  In Luke 10:20 we are told, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” God wants us to be His workers in the field. Too many of us have been waiting to be invited into the garden.


Action for the day

Your action for the day is to plant a seed, water or harvest. This action will look very different depending on the situation.

  • Pray with someone who is hurting
  • Do something nice for someone and let them know God loves them
  • Help someone in need with a physical or spiritual matter
  • Give someone an encouraging word

It can be anything; the key is to make sure the other person knows it is from God.


Prayer for the day

Jesus, thank you that you have invited me into the kingdom of Heaven. Thank you that I am now your child and have the opportunity to share Your love and joy with someone around me. Show me who I can plant a seed or water. Let Your will be done today! Let me join You in the work You are doing in someone else’s life. Amen